Co-curricular activities

The school has four houses

  • Tagore House                                Blue
  • Shastri House                                 Red
  • U Tirot House                                 Green
  • Tilak House                                    Yellow

Inter house & inter class activities are regularly held in the school in order to enhance team spirit & to draw out the talents of the students.

The various competitions that are held are as follows:-

  • Salad arrangement
  • Floral arrangement
  • Rangoli
  • Patriotic song
  • Group song
  • Skit
  • Tableau
  • Quiz, debates, elocution & extempore speech
  • Inter-national dance

Meritorious students in various competitions are awarded with certificates.

Salad ArrangementDSC00943  DSC00974DSC00979  DSC01160DSC01181  DSC01187DSC01188  DSC01201DSC01225  DSC01242DSC01248  DSC01295DSC01302  DSC01426DSC01447  DSC02691DSC02730  DSC02733DSC02767  DSC02773DSC02792  DSC02895DSC02897  DSC03218DSC03253  DSC03347DSC03406  DSC03544DSC03560  DSC03578DSC03635  DSC03596DSC03687  DSC03703DSC03704  DSC03711DSC03712  DSC03716DSC03717  DSC03723  IMG_0594  IMG_0649DSC03203  DSC03411          IMG_0653  IMG_0579 IMG_0651