Fresher’s Meet

Fresher’s  Meet, 2012

Report by

 Amorette Grace Lyngwa

Our school made a giant leap towards change with the Fresher’s meet, 2012, which was held for the first time ever in school history, to welcome the new batch of Class XI students, on the 6th of July, 2012. This event, which was suggested by the students of Class XII, took a lot of work to organize, especially since it was the first ever of its kind to be held at our school. The hard work however paid off quite satisfactorily in the end.

The purpose of this event, as stated by the students of Class XII, was to welcome the Class XI students and make them feel comfortable in this very new and very different environment. The students of XII also  wanted a chance to get to know the new members of the school and to bond with each other, an objective, which was hoped to be achieved by the Fresher’s Meet.

The scarcity of time and the absence of a pre-existing template according to which the programme was to be held, however,  did not permit the hosting of a very elaborate function. We therefore, decided on a simple cultural programme, that was held at the school auditorium. The colourful programme, which included items by both the XIIs and the XIs was indeed a wonderful opportunity for each group of performers to showcase their talents to the audience, allowing them to know them better. It was opened by a short yet inspiring address by our CAO, Mrs. M. Dhar, after which the programme followed smoothly, without any long breaks or disturbances. Class XI presented us all with well-harmonized group songs and Class XII gave us beautiful dances which entertained everyone, and a light and nonsensical play that had everyone laughing out loud.

This rather merry celebration of ours was however abruptly ended by a power cut just after the very last item of the programme. The programme therefore, could not be ended by a proper closing address by the day’s hosts. The students were only thankful that the power cut was so well timed that it did not cause a problem during the show.

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