Investiture Ceremony

 Every school year means a brand new batch and office bearers, chosen specially by the staff of the school.

The selection of candidates for the office bearers of this school for this year, however, was a little different. In addition to the simple nomination process which is normally done by the Principal in consultation with the teachers of our school, an election was introduced for the post of Head Boy and Head Girl.

As one of the candidates who had to contest the election, I can’t help but describe the realness of the event. It was more than just a simple school election in which students voted for whosoever they felt was fit for the post. It was a serious ‘Political Election’, complete with campaigns, symbols, die-hard supporters, ballot paper and all the fun involved. We had to give out speeches, campaign, put up posters and show the students why each one of us were fit to win the elections. It was fun but Oh! So hectic. After a whirlwind week of political fun and drama, we had the actual polling.

The polling was held on the 30th of April 2012, in the last two periods. All the students of Class IX to XII were escorted to the three polling stations by their class teachers and monitors. Each student was given a ballot paper with all of the candidates’ names written on it and were asked to sign across the name of the candidate of their choice and then drop their papers into the ballot boxes. All the four candidates also had to cast their vote. After we dropped our ballot papers into the boxes, our fingers were marked with a pen and pictures were taken to remember the first time event.

It was altogether an enjoyable experience which not only prepared all of us, the four candidates for the challenges of the year ahead but it enriched us with knowledge that we shall carry forth after we pass on our badges to the next batch of leaders. The best part however, was not the fact that it made some of us winners. The best part was that we all emerged as winners. Winners and leaders of a progressing Bajoria.

 Amorette Grace Lyngwa

       (Head Girl)  

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