This new academic session 2012-2013 for the class 11th students started off with great spirit as a very exciting orientation programme was held on the first day of their visit. The students were very eager and were looking forward to this programme. The principal introduced and welcomed Brother Joe, the person who was responsible for making the event a great success.

Brother Joe, a well qualified, thoughtful and friendly person, not only inspired the students but also instilled in them, a new ray of hope.

At first, the students were made to play the bingo game so that they knew each other well. Then, the students were shown video clippings and were made to listen inspirational songs, which inspired them not to lose hope in life but to fight against the odds and have a new beginning. The students were also asked to discover their potentials and to aim high in life in order to achieve their goal. At the end the students were made to listen to a story which taught them to mix around and be friends with everyone.

All in all, the programme was very inspiring and entertaining and had great impact on the students. The students walked out of the auditorium with new ideas and perceptions and were ready to take on the challenges of life to make their school and parents proud.