MR BP Bajoria

 Mr. B.P. Bajoria

Situated over a tiny hillock among whispering pines stood majestically a small eight room campus. It was winter of 1974, Shri KamkhyalalLal Bajoria, the illustrious son of Late Bhanjanlalji Bajoria and Late Magi Devi Bajoria, was by then a well-established businessman of the town.He had everything that could statiate the thirst of a material mind. But what he had in his mind was for far too solemn and searing to be taken by his business colleagues and friends, a distinctive feature of the trailblazers. Early in 1975, with the help of a very few of his close aides he got his eight room campus constructed, which was supposed to be one of his trial blazing souvenirs to posterity, the Bhajanlal Kamakhyalal Bajoria School.

            The school was not a dream for him, it was a reality he lived with and worked with all through the rest of his life, and that’s what I call passion and perhaps accountability towards a purpose.

            Today I would have found myself alone if it were not for the untiring contribution made by every soul I come in contact with, while I’m entering the campus or while I appoint a new teacher or even admit a new student, in fact each one of you.

            Our purpose is not very trivial or general. Here we are talking about making bricks of our nation building, because, posterity is looking up at us and what we would hand over, in fact, are our town images, life and  times.

            I find myself very fortunate to have a team of teachers who have amazing deftness unyielding conscience with outstanding spiritual qualities. In short, they have all that goes into building youth on a strong foundation of principles and values, very strong spiritually and mentally.

            And I conclude, I would like to thank a few people very specially, without whose support, B.K.Bajoria School would have only been a dream gifted to oblivion. Our founder president Shri M.L. Jhunjunwala, Prof. J.P. Khanduri, Founder Principal Late P.K. Gupta, inspiring soul Late Hari Prasad  Tharad and contributions of Late AdhirRanjan Das and many others from beginning to date are unforgettable. They have indeed been the foundation stones on which the pillars of the school’s success stand firmly.

Mr. B.P. Bajoria